What is A Drug Holiday?

A drug holiday is a planned vacation or a period in which any patient present anywhere is told to take a break or leave from the medication.  This break is to record how the body of the patient reacts without consuming the drugs. It is also with the motive to regain the sensitivity of the medication for the patient. This break can be for any period a day, a week, or a year. This break gives the body a chance to recover back in the normal state without any help of medication.

Why Take A Break?

The break is essential to help revive your body’s condition without any artificial help or medication and make it heal naturally. Many medicines help to cure the disease but have some or the other side effects. If a prescription is taken for an extended period, it may create some reaction or side effects. E.g., if antidepressant-like SSRIs are consumed regularly for an extended period, it will cure depression, but it might make our mind numb, or we feel fewer emotions. For, e.g., if a person has taken an oral bisphosphonate or received three annual infusions of Reclast. These drug holidays reduce the risk of fracture in femur or jawbone. The break assures that some of the side effects may be lower in the future.

Drug Holiday

How to Take A Break?

For taking a drug break, we have to consult our doctor. He/she will tell us when to take a break for how long and why it is needed. Sometimes if the doctor says according to your medication, you do not need a break, or there is no requirement of a break yet, and you feel specific side effects ask for a change in medication. Having side effects of a high level is not right; to take that medicine is a risk to your health. Never consume overdose; just choose the right amount for a healthy recovery. Being able to find the correct cure for your body may take trial and error. If you find any problem with your medication, you should not hesitate to consult your doctor. If you stop the medication abruptly without consulting your doctor, it is unsafe and dangerous to your life. It is a massive concern for health nowadays. Never take a wrong step with your medication on your own, consult doctors; they know your body is functioning better than you do.


The drug holiday has many benefits. It helps regain the functioning of the body as it was before the medication. It helps to reduce the tolerance effect that would not be required to increase the dosage and might work with the same quantity of medicines. These breaks help relieve stress and can act as a therapy from the dosage of medication that you used to take for an extended period. This holiday is a type of vacation of your body from any artificial help to make you better. It is a period of self-healing and relaxation. A drug holiday is necessary for the smooth flow of our life.

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