Powdered Urine with medical vial- Real Dehydrated urine simulation for experiment

Failing a simple drug test at a job interview or workplace can cost you not only your career but also reputation in society. There are various ways a test can be taken, and a urine test is one of the many. There also exists a way to clear these tests even when you are currently doing drugs. The solution is powdered urine. It is just dehydrated urine, and there is nothing synthetic or artificial, so it does not cause any suspicion. Now, you get to keep your job without going for a strict detox for days. 

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What is a urine drug test 

A urine drug test or urine drug test screen is used to detect the presence of drugs in a person’s system ( prescription drug abuse ) . They are painless, reliable, cheap, and easy to administer. The person needs to provides his/her urine sample, and a doctor or technician analyzes it,

This analysis can clarify any use of specific drugs in the past couple of days or weeks. 

 Directions to use powdered urine kit (15 ml Vials, rainbow temperature strip, thermometer, 50 ml tube):

You might think that doing urine simulation with powdered urine kit for the first time and administering a urine drug test might be confusing and stressful. But it is not so if you follow these simple steps: 

  • Transfer the powdered urine from the small 15 ml plastic medical vial to the larger 50 ml tube.
  • Gently fill the tube with water to the top of the tube and screw the blue cap on tightly. Shake well until the powder is dissolved.
  • Open the heater package and peel the paper off of one air-activated heater. Stick it to the backside of the tube, opposite the rainbow temperature strip.
  • Always verify the temperature Before conducting your experiment. It should have a temperature ranging between 32-38 degrees to pass any adulteration tests. 

Although powdered urine may seem like the only option left after discarding the synthetic urine method, it is a better option. Synthetic urine may be readily available and have their benefits, but unlike synthetic urine, real powdered urine is real urine. There are the least possible chances of getting into trouble. 

Tips to pass the urine drug test with Powdered Urine

  • Don’t guess about the time of your appointment. Always call or mail in advance.
  • Before conducting a urine test simulation, you should verify that the powdered urine sample is 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Begin your experiment with the water at room temperature rather than using hot or warm water. The heater provided in the Powdered Urine Kit raises the temperature of the water to the optimal 90-99 degree Fahrenheit range on its own, and you should use only one heater to raise the temperature of the water.

All in all, drug tests have become very common, and sometimes, passing them is not always possible in a short time; hence, we have to find methods to cheat through them, and one of the best solutions is powdered urine. It is safe, reliable, and easy to use. 

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