Hand Warmer vs. Heating pads vs. body heat: Best Way To Keep Pee Warm For A Drug Test

We asked people who get caught using synthetic urine for the drug test about the reason for their failure in a drug test. The majority of them told us that they are not able to maintain the temperature of the urine. If the donor urine sample temperature is outside the correct urine temperature range, it is considered fake. Hence, when using any artificial urine for the test, you need to ensure that it is at the right temperature. Please look at the urine warmer for a drug test; it can save you from getting caught in a drug test.
Ideally, it should be around the body temperature. So in this post, learn about how to keep pee warm for the drug test.

How to keep urine warm at body temp

How to keep urine warm at body temp (Hand Warmers, Body Heat, Heating Pads, The Urinator)

Don’t worry; some methods help you to keep the urine at body temperature. The lab technicians check the temperature of the donor urine sample after you submit the urine. So when technicians check your urine sample, it should be at body temp.
Let’s talk about several ways that help you to keep the urine warm for a drug test.

How to keep urine warm for drug test hand warmers

Hand warmers are great for heating the synthetic urine liquid. Hand warmers are cheap and easily available in the market. You first need to store urine in a sealed packed plastic container or plastic bag to use the hand warmers. Wrap hand warmer to Cover the plastic bag containing the urine liquid. Handwarmer will warm the urine. Next, you need to adjust the urine temperature to the body temperature (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 370C)

How to keep urine warm without hand warmers

Body heat:

Body heat is also a great way to keep pee warm for the drug test. Place the urine sample under your armpit or thigh. Make sure you place the urine sample close to your body. However, it is not a reliable way to keep the urine warm. We can’t regulate the urine temperature through body heat. So, excess body heat can cause urine temperature to get outside the correct temperature range.
This approach also takes a long time to heat the urine sample. However, it is good to use body heat to warm urine samples when other methods of urine warming like the urinator or hand warmers are not available.

Heating pads.

heating pads
Heating pads are also used to keep the pee warm for the drug test. The heating pads are small, and you can easily hide them under the underwear or bra. The rubber band wraps the urine sample. You also need to avoid overheating the urine sample. Make sure you keep the sample in the correct urine temperature range.

The urinator

I liked the urinator urine testing device because it is one of the best ways to keep urine warm for the drug test. The urinator is a reliable device, and you can use it multiple times without any problem. In addition, with the urinator kit, you can digitally control the temperature of the urine sample. The urinator runs on Duracell batteries, and the kit has a digital temperature control system that keeps the urine at the right temperature.

Each of the methods mentioned above of urine warming has its advantage and disadvantage.

Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo- Benefits, Ratings & Review

As a professional hairstylist, i get several queries regarding the shampoo and conditioner. I tried and tested several kind of shampoos and conditioners. I have full knowledge of how to select the best shampoo for the hair. There are several different types of shampoos available in the stores. Some have natural ingredients, some have chemical elements and so on. Many people choosed based on its smell. I don’t know who told them to buy shampoo based on smell. Many people fall in a trap of marketing trap of shampoo. They think that their favourite celebrity is using this shampoo. Many people don’t even bother to look at shampoo ingredients. They only look at the celebrity that promoting shampoo and smell of the shampoo. They think that if shampoo has a good smell, then it must be a good shampoo. Some people decide the effectiveness of its shampoo based on its price. They believe that using expensive shampoo will make their hair look beautiful. But after using them for a few weeks, they notice that it is not useful for their hair. They get frustrated by seeing no result.
Many people don’t like to spend money on shampoo and conditioner. They pick the cheapest shampoo for their hair.

nexxus aloe rid shampoo
I am not saying low cost shampoos are bad, but you should check the ingredients in the shampoo. Many brands sell shampoo, which has lots of chemical at a low price.
I also notice that people use shampoo after seeing their friend using it. They don’t know that every person has a different type of hair. Therefore you can’t select the shampoo just because your friend or your favourite celebrity using it. People should buy shampoo based on their applications. Recently many people ask me about what shampoo to use for passing a drug test. I told them to use nexxus aloe rid shampoo. They are like” aww, i never heard of this shampoo”, which celebrity is promoting this shampoo, it’s an expensive shampoo, it’s don’t have a good smell, how i can use a shampoo that doesn’t have a good smell.
I solved all their doubt and convince them to use nexxus aloe rid shampoo for atleast 10- 15 times. Most of the people looking to pass the hair follicle have taken several drugs in the past. These drugs molecules will dissolve in blood and can be found in a person’s hair, urine and saliva. You may think that you took drugs a few weeks back, so why should we worried about hair follicle test now. Let me tell you that most of the drug’s toxins will not go out of the body quickly. They remain in the hair for quite a long time. In that time if you have a hair follicle test, then these traces will show up in a hair follicle test. I have seen many people making the mistake of not using the shampoo for the test. They think using regular shampoo and conditioner will remove toxins from the hair. Not all shampoo has the deep cleaning capacity and hence i recomend using nexxus aloe rid shampoo.

Powdered Urine with medical vial- Real Dehydrated urine simulation for experiment

Failing a simple drug test at a job interview or workplace can cost you not only your career but also reputation in society. There are various ways a test can be taken, and a urine test is one of the many. There also exists a way to clear these tests even when you are currently doing drugs. The solution is powdered urine. It is just dehydrated urine, and there is nothing synthetic or artificial, so it does not cause any suspicion. Now, you get to keep your job without going for a strict detox for days. 

drug abuse

What is a urine drug test 

A urine drug test or urine drug test screen is used to detect the presence of drugs in a person’s system ( prescription drug abuse ) . They are painless, reliable, cheap, and easy to administer. The person needs to provides his/her urine sample, and a doctor or technician analyzes it,

This analysis can clarify any use of specific drugs in the past couple of days or weeks. 

 Directions to use powdered urine kit (15 ml Vials, rainbow temperature strip, thermometer, 50 ml tube):

You might think that doing urine simulation with powdered urine kit for the first time and administering a urine drug test might be confusing and stressful. But it is not so if you follow these simple steps: 

  • Transfer the powdered urine from the small 15 ml plastic medical vial to the larger 50 ml tube.
  • Gently fill the tube with water to the top of the tube and screw the blue cap on tightly. Shake well until the powder is dissolved.
  • Open the heater package and peel the paper off of one air-activated heater. Stick it to the backside of the tube, opposite the rainbow temperature strip.
  • Always verify the temperature Before conducting your experiment. It should have a temperature ranging between 32-38 degrees to pass any adulteration tests. 

Although powdered urine may seem like the only option left after discarding the synthetic urine method, it is a better option. Synthetic urine may be readily available and have their benefits, but unlike synthetic urine, real powdered urine is real urine. There are the least possible chances of getting into trouble. 

Tips to pass the urine drug test with Powdered Urine

  • Don’t guess about the time of your appointment. Always call or mail in advance.
  • Before conducting a urine test simulation, you should verify that the powdered urine sample is 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Begin your experiment with the water at room temperature rather than using hot or warm water. The heater provided in the Powdered Urine Kit raises the temperature of the water to the optimal 90-99 degree Fahrenheit range on its own, and you should use only one heater to raise the temperature of the water.

All in all, drug tests have become very common, and sometimes, passing them is not always possible in a short time; hence, we have to find methods to cheat through them, and one of the best solutions is powdered urine. It is safe, reliable, and easy to use. 

What is A Drug Holiday?

A drug holiday is a planned vacation or a period in which any patient present anywhere is told to take a break or leave from the medication.  This break is to record how the body of the patient reacts without consuming the drugs. It is also with the motive to regain the sensitivity of the medication for the patient. This break can be for any period a day, a week, or a year. This break gives the body a chance to recover back in the normal state without any help of medication.

Why Take A Break?

The break is essential to help revive your body’s condition without any artificial help or medication and make it heal naturally. Many medicines help to cure the disease but have some or the other side effects. If a prescription is taken for an extended period, it may create some reaction or side effects. E.g., if antidepressant-like SSRIs are consumed regularly for an extended period, it will cure depression, but it might make our mind numb, or we feel fewer emotions. For, e.g., if a person has taken an oral bisphosphonate or received three annual infusions of Reclast. These drug holidays reduce the risk of fracture in femur or jawbone. The break assures that some of the side effects may be lower in the future.

Drug Holiday

How to Take A Break?

For taking a drug break, we have to consult our doctor. He/she will tell us when to take a break for how long and why it is needed. Sometimes if the doctor says according to your medication, you do not need a break, or there is no requirement of a break yet, and you feel specific side effects ask for a change in medication. Having side effects of a high level is not right; to take that medicine is a risk to your health. Never consume overdose; just choose the right amount for a healthy recovery. Being able to find the correct cure for your body may take trial and error. If you find any problem with your medication, you should not hesitate to consult your doctor. If you stop the medication abruptly without consulting your doctor, it is unsafe and dangerous to your life. It is a massive concern for health nowadays. Never take a wrong step with your medication on your own, consult doctors; they know your body is functioning better than you do.


The drug holiday has many benefits. It helps regain the functioning of the body as it was before the medication. It helps to reduce the tolerance effect that would not be required to increase the dosage and might work with the same quantity of medicines. These breaks help relieve stress and can act as a therapy from the dosage of medication that you used to take for an extended period. This holiday is a type of vacation of your body from any artificial help to make you better. It is a period of self-healing and relaxation. A drug holiday is necessary for the smooth flow of our life.

How to take good vacation pictures?

According to a famous saying, “An upcoming vacation gives us something to eagerly anticipate.” To restore our focus and be re-energized for new achievements, vacations are mandatory things in life. 

Vacations are the most awaited and cherished times of the year, and later, vacations become lifetime memories. Therefore, it becomes crucial to preserve these moments in the best form to maintain the essence of vacations. For capturing the best memories, what can be a better idea than clicking amazing pictures? 

vacation picture

How to take good vacation pictures?

Here are some pro tips to enhance the beauty of your vacation pictures and make them astounding memories. 

1> Focus on moments 

While you are out, creating souvenirs, capturing candid pictures of your loved ones is the best way to maintain the instant’s essence.  This will be a little different from taking traditional family pictures and help you remember those quality moments. 

2> Be on time 

During vacations, avoid being lazy and try to get up early in the morning. It will help you in two ways. Reaching early to the locations will save you from the crowd and help you get the most elegant pictures in the best light. 

Similarly, keep a check about important timings of multiple locations like monuments and water-light shows, etc., so that you don’t miss on significant events and click amazing photographs.

3>Stay alert and ready, always. 

Along with enjoying the moments, you need to be ready to capture the best moments of you and your loved ones and the beauty around. Always keep a lightweight camera or mobile phone handy to capture the best moments. 

Be extremely careful, don’t distort your pictures. 

4> Research well about the location

A good vacation should be planned well—research well about the mesmerizing and famous locations of the city on Google. This will help you choose the desired location & background.

This will be time-saving and economical too. Prior planning will save you from last moment hassles and missing out on major attractions. Don’t forget to enjoy each and every moment. 


Take along the best gadgets and devices. 

As you are traveling, you need better planning of gadgets to take along with you. The devices you are about to use should be budget-friendly and affordable. A good camera will help you to click terrific pictures with precision. 


Study and keep in mind about the best camera angles and switch to the best modes available in your device.